I’m going to have to switch to once a week updates, starting February 20th, and they’ll probably last until April. School is even more time consuming than I’d anticipated, and my buffer has dwindled down to true bottom-of-the-barrel status. Now, knowing myself, I dont think I can provide consistent monday and friday updates without a buffer, and with school showing no signs of letting up, I’ve made the decision to switch to once a week updates. So starting February 20th, Junkyard Heroes will update every Monday.

I’ll re-institute twice a week updates once my buffer gets back to a respectable state, but that’ll most likely happen after my semester ends mid-april. Also, once we get to inter-chapter interludes, I’ll switch back to twice a week updates as those are much less difficult to prepare every week.

I realize this is a really bad time in the story to slow down, but I don’t have much choice. I hope you all understand, and I’ll keep you all posted on news and developments on this front. If you’d like more immediate news and updates, you should probably follow me on tumblr or twitter

again, thank you for your understanding.